Training and Consulting

Do you have a problem with engagement or motivation? Do you want to give your employees a better understanding of what gamification and how they can make use of it? Do you just want to have some fun with innovation and generate ideas? We can deliver workshops or training around gamification and innovation.

In our hands-on gamification workshops and training you’ll learn about the advantages of gamification and how you can gamify the world yourself. Of course, we adjust the secrets, shortcuts, special combos and cheats to your job, organisation or company.

You leave with the information and tools you need to make what you do more fun, interactive and efficient. But also with a lot of ideas, inspiration and motivation to start gamifying.


Whether you are looking to build gamification into a new product, improve engagement in a process or take your current gamification implementation to the next level, we can help through our consultation service. You can rely on our existing next-level technologies and tools, but we also develop custom solutions tailored to your needs.

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